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Jamestown Westfield and Northwestern Trolley Car #305

Chautauqua County, New York, USA

JW&NW Trolley 305

I got a lead on another trolley from Lee Harkness, General Manager at the Jamestown Gateway Train Station. So I called Mr. Pricsket (like biscuit), met him, and drove him to the site. He is 95 years old and he remembers the JWNW trolley that was made into a diner on Washington Street. He even ate there. I told him I knew it was #305 and gave him copies of the pictures (attached). He also remembers that Weinstein Scrap Yard ended up with the car after its diner days were over. It was placed on a separate trailer and hauled to Weinstein owned property on the Jamestown side of LaScala Restaurant on Fluvanna Avenue. Mr. Pricskett received a call from someone back then telling him that the car had been moved there and that if he wanted anything from it, he should go get it. He put some tools together but was not able to get to it right away. He let Dan Lincoln (well known history seeker from the past), use his tools and Dan ended up with all the "good stuff". Mr. Pricskett did get a few things when he finally got there, and donated his cache to the Midway Park Museum.

Eventually the car was buried under a pile of dirt where it sat, and has remained there ever since. Mr. Pricskett thought there might still be some trolley wheels on it (doesn't remember). However looking at the car as a diner, it is obviously too low for it to still have trucks on it (this car was a dual truck trolley). That plus the fact that there is no way a salvage yard would have hauled that much trolley truck iron out to a piece of their property and just bury it, without scrapping it out first.

That is pretty much the story. The sign should be change to "Here lies JWNW 305, Trolley, Diner, Landfill..."

Member Page submitted by Bob Johnston.

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